Ask not what I can do for you; ask what a mosaic can do for your home and your soul.” Ian Laurie, 2022 (with thanks to John F. Kennedy!)

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Beyond the Reflected Scene‘: Mirror commission
Welcome to Mosaics from The Ford

The name ‘Mosaics from The Ford‘ and the Mosaics from The Ford logo are the copyright of Ian Laurie.

Hello and welcome to Mosaics from The Ford.

I’m Ian, a mosaic artist working in and around Chandler’s Ford in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. I create 2&3 dimensional art pieces to add that something special to your home. From small pieces you can hold in your hand to hanging wall art; from urns for your pet’s ashes through to large-scale mosaics that grace walls, floors or patios. All images remain the copyright of Ian Laurie unless otherwise stated, as is the Mosaics from The Ford logo.

Recently completed

‘The Timebird’: Coloured glass is used for the bird which sits on a ceramic branch as it overseas the hours and days. Instead of numbers, leaves in different colours are used to denote the hours This clock has a silent and smooth mechanism, but I can also supply clocks with ticking mechanisms. For more clocks, click here.

So how does it work? Well…

  • You stand in your garden or room and think: “How can I make this space special?”
  • You go online and arrive at this wonderful website Congratulations! You are obviously a special and wise person
  • Ideas form and so…
  • You contact me via
  • I listen and, if necessary, I will visit you to see where you envisage the mosaic being sited
  • I put some ideas together along with a guide price
  • We agree a design and a price
  • I set to work – most jobs can be prepared in my studio and finished onsite
  • I install the mosaic and then…

You get to smile every time you pass your mosaic.

Two toy smiling faces emerge from a box signifying contentment at seeing the finished mosaic.
Photo by Pixabay on

How much does it cost?

Well, it depends on what you want. I have a range of products that can help create a visual impact to suit different budgets. Have a wander through the website. I will be adding ready-made pieces with prices as I go and details of where to buy them, but larger or more complex pieces will require me working out a cost. But feel free to ask me: You won’t know unless you ask!

Smaller pieces can be sent via a delivery company for you to place or hang where you like. For larger or fixed artwork, I can install your mosaic to anywhere in a ten or so mile radius of here or by arrangement.

Take a look at this…

‘The Other Shard’. The triptych below shows three sides of a 3D house number design. It sits in a front garden, helpfully informing posties, delivery drivers and passers-by of their location, while simultaneously feeding their artistic souls. How many things in life can do that?

Why mosaic?

Mosaics can be made for inside or for outside, with different materials used for the placement, but the real joy of any mosaic for me can be found in the way light plays on the individual pieces of tiles – the tesserae. While this effect will depend upon the tesserae used, I love the way that mosaics can change their appearance depending on the time of day or the type of light falling upon them.

Mosaics made for outdoors can resist wind and wuthering, so you can gaze upon them year after year. Outdoor mosaics can also change their appearance in wet weather, as the grout becomes darker, giving a different feel to the artwork.

A patio mosaic featuring spirals, each slightly different from the others by combinging colours differently: black/white; white/black' black/red; re/black; white/red; red/black. The edge of the mosaic goes gently down to the grass.
‘Spirals’ installation
I’ve designed and installed permanent mosaics, Clicking on the image opens a new tab.
This piece is called 'Flying High' and features two mosaics, each set apart from the other and standing on metal poles. The rear mosaic provides a sky background while a red and yellow 3D bird 'flies' in front.
‘Flying High’
How about a standalone piece to provide additional beauty to your garden? Clicking on the image opens a new tab.
Pet ashes urns: ‘Kiki & Lottie’
If you’ve said that awful final farewell to a loved pet, I’ve made colourful urns which celebrate the life of your pet. Clicking on the image opens a new tab

In progress

I often work on more than one piece at a time and so here I’ll be posting updates of my latest works as I go.

Large flower ready to install on a step

‘Live & Love’ featuring ‘Headdie Skullion: ‘

‘Headdie Skullion’ has a simple message to the world: live and love! It’s an unfinished message and Headdie is similarly unfinished. In fact, Headdie started off as just a head, but wanted more from death. Work on Headdie’s body continues while the message will never end…

A mosaic in progress, with the tesserae - mosaic tiles - laid on mesh. The image shows skeletal hands tucked into the top of a pair of blue jeans. The jeans have the words 'live' and 'love' written on each leg respectively.
Headdie’s body taking shaping on mesh, which will then be transferrred onto his awaiting body…
Headdie with ‘some body’…

Mosaic art has a fabulous history reaching back many millenia. For an interesting article on its history, have a read of this overview from the British Association for Modern Mosaic. This will take you to a new tab.

‘In Other Worlds’: Life beyond mosaics! Image is of Chris Fry, guitarist with the brilliant band
‘Magenta’. Photo by Ian Laurie