About Me

'Mosaics from The Ford' logo, made of mosaic and attached to the wall outside Ian's studio.
The artist, Ian Laurie, grouting the 'Mosaics from The Ford' sign which is attahced to his studio wall.

Ian Laurie

Hello! I’m a mosaic artist based in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, England, hence ‘The Ford’. I find the process of creating mosaic art to be an incredibly engaging activity, requiring planning, designing and then the making, plus installing larger pieces.

I use different methods according to the requirments of the piece. So sometimes it will be the direct method; at other times the piece requires an indirect method where the mosaics are laid on a temporary surface, whether on mesh or, with the reverse method, reversing the image and laying the tiles face down on lightweight paper, before transferring them to the final place. One day I can be using PVA glue; the next day it’s cementous adhesive. There’s always so much to keep me active!

Email: mosaic.ford@virginmedia.com

My mosaic studio, featuring a specially designed work bench, bright yellow main wall and a chair in a matching colour and a colourful mosaic window sill.
My studio, recently revamped!