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Mosaics From The Ford

I love to play with ideas. I made my first clocks many years ago – the ‘House Clocks’ you can see below. The red and yellow house clock still hangs on our bathroom wall, gently telling me how late I am…

I’ll be adding more clocks, all for sale, to this page, but for now, here are some examples of clocks I’ve made.

These ‘House Clocks‘ were my first ever clocks. I had no special tools beyond a wheeled nipper, hence some of the cuts are a bit wobbly. I sold the blue and the purple versions a long time ago, but the red house still keeps good time in my bathroom, reminding me just how late I am. Is that life as art? Indicative price: £30.

A clock featuring a bird sitting on a branch. The bird is cut from sheets of stained glass with e red body and green wings and head. The beak is gold. The bird then has an aura of pale matt tiles emanting from the bird, follwing its contours. Leaves provide the hour segments; a different colour for each hour.
‘The Jackdaw Wears His Finest!’

The centrepiece image of the bird originated from a photo I took of a pair of Jackdaws sat on a fence. The stayed there while I took the photo and so I reimagined what a Jackdaw might wear to a party and used that as the image for the clock. A flight of fancy? Maybe… but we all need to let our imaginations fly sometimes. Size: 25cm. Indicative price: £75

‘Simple Time in Blue’

Another clock I designed and made. I kept the design simple: no grout; little ‘art’; just a simple art deco-style piece which has accompanied my wife in her office for many years. Indicative price: £35

A clock made of coloured glass and wood depicting red sunrise against a blue sky background
The Sunrise Clock‘ (or for fans of progressive rock giants, Yes: ‘The Art of the Sunrise‘!)

The Sunrise Clock is made from sheets of glass and a painted wooden tree. The silent mechanism moves the hands gently around the face. With the changing light of the day – or day to day – the reflections from the irridescent surfaces play and interact with the light, creating changing perspectives. Indicative price: £95

A mosaic depicting a clock behind and off to the right of the image sits a vase of flowers. Although a decorative piece, the clock was a functioning timepiece.
Mantel Clock in Blue

Another mosaic clock from eons ago, this piece was actually framed and hung on the wall. I made it in the shape of a mantel clock and it provided a bright, cheery image whilst also keeping time. Beauty and functionality!

Mosaic depicting a grandfather clock beside which hangs a portrait featuring a photo of the couple on their wedding day. On either side of the clock sits and umbrella for rainy days and a large vase of flowers. These 3 items sit on mosaic lettering showing the date the couple were married.
The Wedding Gift‘:
‘The Wedding Gift’ features a working clock presented as a wall-hanging art piece celebrating the couple’s wedding. The ‘picture’ hanging on the wall allowed the couple to place a photo in the picture frame (covered for the sake of this photo). The umbrella leaning against the grandfather clock is for those inevitable rainy days. The date is the date of their wedding. The battery-powered mechanism sits at the back of the clock.