The mirrors you see here are each different in size, shape and style. I enjoy making what can be an everyday functional object into a piece of art while retaining it’s functionality.

‘Beyond the Reflected Scene. This piece was a commission. The client wanted a mirror in a colourful setting to brighten up a small cloakroom and very much looked to bringing ‘the outside in’. I took my cues from the rural setting for her home, hence the stream, the woodpecker on the tree, the kingfisher on the branch and the kite soaring high on the breeze. Flowers and a blue sky provide the backdrop. The mirror was provided by the wonderful people at Mirrorworld.
A mirror designed with a border of straight glass lengths in greens and blues emanating outwards from the edge of the mirror. Green reflective glass squares provide the pizzazz for the four corners!
Mirror in greens & blues

For this mirror, I used a combination of staned glass sheets and coloured glass strips. While the dominant colours are greens and blues, in lower lights the colours appear to shift to give a reddish appearance.

A mirror bordered by white ceramic, matt tiles with red irridescent glass providing the leaves and stems all around the mirror.
Red leaves mirror

This mirror was a commission. I used ceramic tiles for the main frame and for the flora I used stained glass cut to the shapes I required. The finished looked stunning with the glossy red stems and leaves bursting from the matt white frame. Although the glass was red, in certain lights the leaves reflect a green hue, perfect for providing an altered colour effect!