Standalone/freestanding/wall hanging pieces

‘Standalone’ or ‘freestanding’ mosaics can be placed where you think they look best.

And as these mosaics aren’t fixed, if you fancy a revamp of your home or garden but love your mosaic: no problem, just move it!

Please note: some standalone mosaics may be heavy due to the weight needed to keep them upright.

So browse and if you like something you see, please get in touch at

Kokopelli dances across a barren landscape symbolised by a leafless tree, behind which sits a rising full moon.
‘Kokopelli by Moonlight’ (H = 25cm W = 30.5cm) ‘Kokopelli’ is a mythical figure often used to symbolise change and fertility, among others. The tree you can see before the rising full moon is devoid of leaves, but the presence of siginifies the approach of spring.
‘Missing You’: Art you can turn on its head!
‘It’s In Hand’: Mosaic hand holding sphere
Two hearts joined together. One is red, the other purple and they're set on a white background while a red/blue combination of tiles provides the border. 3 different grout colours finish off the piece to give a clean finish.
Two hearts. Two colours. One shared love.
‘Flowering Mushroom!’ for garden
‘Red Leaves’ Mirror – custom-made to client’s wishes
‘The Coy Peacock’ – internal wall hanging picture mosaic (H = 49.5cm W = 19.5cm)
Mirror with green and blue stripes and special effect glass square on each corner.
‘Mirror in greens & blues’ (H = 51cm W = 31cm)