Urns, memorials and nameplates

If you keep pets, you know that awful feeling of having to say that final ‘Goodbye’. One of our first dogs, Kiki, was a small Jack Russel Terrier. She died many years ago, but recently we upgraded her ‘home’ to this new mosaic urn. Each side is different and light reflects according to the light source or time of day. Kiki is very proud of her new place!

‘Kiki’: Name and flowers sides
‘Kiki’: leaf and heart sides

I make a range of pieces to celebrate the lives of loved our loved pets. Below you will some of the ways I’ve achieved this, from urns for ashes to memorial nameplates. I can work with you to create the urn you wish to celebrate the life of your pet. Prices range from £80-150

Contact me for more details.

‘Pip’, ‘Lottie’ and ‘Kiki’: The urn collective!
‘Pip’, ‘Lottie’ and ‘Kiki’: Different sides
‘Pip’, ‘Lottie’ and ‘Kiki’: The third view…

The above images show the ‘Urn Collective’, featuring the different shapes I’ve made and can offer. If you or someone you know has had to say farewell to a pet, then email me at mosaic.ford@virginmedia.com and I’ll work with you to create a home for your loved pet’s ashes.

A memorial nameplate or plaque

If you scattered your pet’s ashes in your garden, then how about a nameplate to remember them by. The nameplate is weather resistant and sits on two robust metal bars which go into the soil. ‘Vinnie’ measures 42cm wide by 18cm high. Each nameplate is made to order and the cost for a similarly sized nameplate is £75.

‘Vinnie’: ready to go into any soft soil

Now here’s an idea…

Nameplates or plaques can also be used to signpost areas of your garden. Have an area that you want to name? Or you wish to add something to make a statement?

A plaque may be the answer!